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Should We Consider a Home-Based Business?

Why should we consider a Home-Based Business in today’s economy? Changes in America’s workplace are forcing us to open our minds and consider alternatives which, in the past, may have been considered by some as non-traditional. But of course, many of those people who become wealthy consider alternatives that the majority of the population deems non-traditional; otherwise more people would be financially independent!

I’m not trying to say that all people can or should become wealthy, but it seems evident that the business and job environment for the masses is rapidly changing. I’m only asking that you have an open mind and allow me to share with you some ideas about the pursuit of success utilizing a home-based business.

It’s been said that a mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open!

Happiness and Satisfaction

First there are some questions which we must ask ourselves in order to see if we really are satisfied with our current life. If you read the following statements and they stir no particular emotion, then you’re probably happy with who you are and what you’re currently doing.

I wish I didn’t have to pay so much income tax.

I wish my job or business paid me more money.

I don’t have enough money for retirement.

I can’t afford to pay for my children’s education.

I wish my financial situation would allow me to at least semi-retire.

I get so tired of my boss telling me what to do.

I would like to have the flexibility to spend more time with my family.

My advancement does not depend upon my accomplishments.

I’m not paid what I’m worth.

I’m not accomplishing my personal and financial goals.

I’m tired of dealing with employees.

I wish my job wasn’t so stressful

I want to control with and for whom I work.

Do you identify with any of the above statements? Someone once said that success is a journey and not a destination. The purpose for this communiqué is to identify individuals who sincerely want more financial success in their life but don’t seem to have the right Vehicle for their journey.

Years of experience indicate that success depends not only on the development of the individual, but also on having the appropriate vehicle. How many times have you seen people pour their heart and soul into a job or business and still not achieve the success they desire? Maybe that has happened to you. Let’s assume that you have the desire and persistence necessary to achieve the success you want.

How about your current vehicle, will it take you where you want to go? If the future is as the past, are you on track to achieve your goals and dreams?

How about you? Have you properly prepared yourself for success? If the answer is no and you are one of those individuals that truly possesses the desire and persistence necessary for more success, I respectively ask that you allow me to share with you a personal development program and business opportunity concept that has the potential to be that Vehicle to success!

Risk Tolerance & Reliability

When evaluating a Vehicle, we look at four distinct areas. First, the Vehicle must be safe in relation to the risk tolerance of the person. What is deemed as safe to a young person starting their career is certainly different from that of a person in or near retirement. Regardless, the height of our success should be limited only by our ability to develop the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial aspects of our own being… The vehicle must never be the limiting factor in our success.

An opportunity’s reliability is a function of several factors including age, management, market, and compensation. Each of those topics warrants their own discussions.


Next the Vehicle must be suitable for the individual. Experts have always said find something you like to do, figure out a way to make money from it and you will probably be successful. Professional athletes who earn fortunes playing a game they love are extremely fortunate. But, most of us have learned that we can’t always be financially successful working at our hobbies. However, we all deserve the opportunity to enjoy what we do and to work in a positive environment.

Effort vs. Reward

Next, the activities surrounding the Vehicle must be doable and provide opportunity in relation to effort! Not everyone can be a scientist, a doctor or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. However, any individual can obtain financial success if they can match their abilities with the appropriate vehicle. The Vehicle must be time proven and be doable by a wide array of individuals of all ages, races, educational backgrounds, and business experience. In the cases where individuals have demonstrated true desire and persistence over a period of time, their income levels have equaled or exceeded that of many CEOs. Although education and experience may reduce the time period for achievement, desire and persistence are more important characteristics for success with our opportunity.

Other Desirable Traits

We believe using an appropriate home-based business as a vehicle for success addresses the four areas of concerns better than most other alternatives, whether for an additional $50 per month or for $50,000 per month of income. Having a home-based business is not a new concept. We’re asking that you consider adding a home-based business to your current job or business income. We believe that a home-based business possesses at least three additional desirable traits: a) immediate tax benefits, b) flexibility of time and activity, and c) a favorable opportunity to investment ratio.

Tax Benefits

Owning a home-based business allows us to immediately make many of our current home and automobile expenses tax-deductible. In addition, other tax benefits include converting children’s allowances and living expenses, medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance, educational expenses, and travel expenses to tax-deductible expenses. In total, there are at least nineteen different types of tax deductions applicable to the home-based business. In many cases, these are expenses we already have but which are not currently deductible. If done properly, converting these expenses to deductions can often save enough in income taxes to finance a major portion of the new home-based business!

Let Uncle Sam finance your home-based business.

Uncle Sam wants to give you these deductions for a home-based business in order that you generate more income for yourself and others which results eventually in more income taxes for the government. Although I’m not qualified to give tax advice, I can refer a tax service that I use which specializes in home-business tax deduction planning.

Current Trends in the Workplace

The availability of personal computers and people desiring flexibility of time and activity are the catalysts for a major movement of people working at home in corporate America. Those people desiring flexibility of time and activity and, in addition, want control of their financial destiny, are also starting home-based business en masse. Most people need additional income. Many people want more time with their families. Some simply want to have control of their time. We must be aware that the more obligations we have to other people, the less control we have over our own time. Our own desire for success is the only factor which controls the time of a home-based business owner.


Normally, when we think of our own business, serious investment immediately comes to mind. Many mortgage their homes to start a small business. Even if the individual possesses the desire to own their own traditional business, the majority of people do not have the proper education, experience, or disposition to successfully run a business which has risk of investment loss, debt, employees, inventory, advertising, customers, billings and collections and other on going problems! History shows that a majority of those businesses won’t last three years. In many cases, even if the business succeeds, it would not have the potential to provide financial independence without total domination of our time, energy and attention.


Most franchises cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and a percentage of the gross revenue, regardless of profit. Our opportunity requires a very small investment and has virtually unlimited income potential. The potential is limited mainly by one’s own desire and persistence and time of involvement.

Network Marketing

We are not asking that anyone change everything immediately. We are however, suggesting that people consider the addition of the right Network Marketing home-based business starting their journey of financial success in a different direction. Having a home-based business is not a new concept. Network Marketing is not a new concept. Having a home-based Network Marketing business is not a new concept. However, never in the history of our country has the concept been so prevalent and is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception!

The reason is very simple. Our concept is providing American’s with what they want; control of their time and financial opportunities proportionate to their abilities and effort.

Many home-based businesses provide all those benefits listed above; however, they have limited financial opportunity!

With the right home-based Network Marketing business, one has all of the benefits and advantages of a home-based business and unlimited financial opportunity usually associated with a large traditional business.

Our next post will be concerning “Why Network Marketing as Your Home-Based Business”.

How to Make Successful Investments in the Stocks

Investing in stock market is easy, but making successful investments is equally difficult. There are millions of stocks traded every minute out there in the stock market and choosing the one which will increase your investments is really a chilling task. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first time investor or a regular investor, since stock market is a speculative market, anything can happen anytime, leaving the investor in the lurch, and knowing absolutely nothing where to go and what to do.

Every small or big or one time investor will always question – How do I gain in stocks? Which stock will move up? Ids there anything that can help me to buy only the stocks which trade on higher side? Remember, there’s nothing such as success, when it comes to the speculative stock market. All that matters in attaining the success in stocks is making use of realistic methodologies that will eventually help you to make informed decisions on the investments. One thing is for sure that stock market is no quick rich-scheme, and it will not make you successful in one minute or one day or one month or even one year. A lot goes behind the scene than what meets the eye.

Therefore, you have to be peculiar and considerate about making your investments successful in the stocks. There are ways of making the investments, and you have to follow those ways religiously. The first and foremost thing that you should be doing is market analysis. There are many stock investment programs available out there that can easily handle technical analysis of the market as it opens fro the day. Again, whether you are doing intra day trading or you are making your investments for long durations, sound technical analysis of the market trends will give you the advantage to make informed and right decision.

Another method of making successful investments in the stock market is to go for market statistics. Here again, you can make use of powerful stock investment program that will give you the complete information on which stocks did big business in the market, which stocks are rising, top gainers, top losers, hourly gainers, hourly losers and much more. The market statistic analysis plays crucial role in making the investments in the stocks successful.

If you want to make your stocks investments successful, you need to be very calculative as this will help you in making the judgments on when is the right time to trade? What are the bearish stocks? What are bullish stocks? What strategies are to be followed for making maximum returns on your investments?

When you make a final decision on buying the stocks make sure that you make use of logic and not emotions. It is because; all that ultimately pays is the logic and not emotions. Do not get swayed away by the any favors as eventually it’d turn out to be detrimental for your investments. Make sure that you make investments with complete confidence and do not get confused with anything else.