How To Start And Run Your Own Business

All over the world, there is a big problem of unemployment. It’s happening everywhere, from one country to another. Companies are retrenching and laying off people, so the unemployment rate is increasing by the day. This is why it is important for you to create your own business, so that you can employ yourself and others. The business can be big or small, it doesn’t really matter.

Here are some basic tips that you must consider before starting any business

1. Think of solving problems:

You must think of setting up a business that renders useful services to the people in return for their money. If you look around you, especially in your local environment, you will discover that there are problems that people go through, even on daily basis. These problems are indirectly giving you an idea of the type of business you will start in that area. For example, if you are located in an area where people find it difficult to get cars to go to far distances, you can start a car hiring business and you will make real money. If you can’t start a car hiring business, you can start any other business whether big or small. The important thing is that it is ready to solve the problem of the people and you will have a lot of customers.

2. Find a suitable location:

This is one of the most important things in business. Your business will do better in a suitable environment. Make sure you start your business in a place where people can easily locate it and patronize you. Don’t make the mistake of putting your business in a boring or miserable environment even if the rent is cheap. Location in business matters; it gives you an edge over your competitors.

3. Register the business for licensing:

Your business might not achieve its maximum standard if not registered. This is what many people, especially those running small businesses fail to understand. If your business is not registered or licensed, most reputable companies and organizations will not do business with you. You need to register your business, get a license number and add it to your banners, flyers, business cards and letters. This will make people understand that you are running a standard organization.

4. Advertise the business:

Even if your business renders the best services ever, you might not have much patronage if people don’t know about it. It is very important to advertise the business so people will know about it. If you can’t pay for TV adverts, you can print flyers, banners and business cards. Also make sure they are attractive enough to capture the attention of people. This will definitely announce your business and bring customers

5. Write business proposals to companies, organizations and schools:

Apart from capturing the attention of individuals, you can also write to various companies, organizations and schools. If your business is the type that solves their problems, they will patronage you, even at a higher rate. For example, you can make lunch for the staff in an organization and get paid. If you are good enough, you will add more companies and employ workers too.

6. Render quality services:

If you don’t satisfy your customers, you will not have more of them. You owe your customers an obligation to render the best services ever. Make them see the value for their money. Whenever a customer complains, don’t ignore it; make sure you correct the error before it’s too late. This will open the door for more customers and your patronage will constantly increase.

7. Be consistent and dedicated:

Don’t play funny with business. Remember it’s your source of income and livelihood. Don’t let customers come waiting for you in the morning. Open early, say the morning prayers, clean the place and be ready for business. Let your customers know that you are a serious worker and they will be ready to patronize you. If you are not consistent, you are opening the doors for your competitors to take over.